EWS-Paragraphs and Sentences


Perfect Paragraphs and Super Sentences, part 1 of the Essential Writing Skills series.

Conquer the two most important writing topics: paragraphs and sentences. Learn to “craft” paragraphs and sentences for clear, logical, and persuasive writing.

25 pages
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Part One of the Essential Writing Skills series.

Perfect Paragraphs and Super Sentences takes on the two most important skills all writers need to produce professional and clear writing: paragraph structure and sentence structure.

Paragraphs are tools for communicating ideas, and paragraph structure is essential to clearly and coherently communicate your ideas. Sentences are tools for communicating information, and sentence structure determines whether or not the reader can understand what you are trying to communicate. Good writing depends on good paragraph and sentence structure.

Section One: Perfect Paragraphs covers such topics as focusing on central ideas, organizing information in paragraphs, starting and ending paragraphs well, making transitions for a logical flow of ideas, and keeping your paragraphs on topic.

Section Two: Super Sentences covers such topics as subject and verb placement, focusing on your meaning, using the most useful sentences patterns, creating a logical progression of information, and choosing the right subject and verb.

Whether you are writing novels, academic papers, reports, emails, or technical articles, you need perfect paragraphs and super sentences.

(Much of the instruction on paragraph structure is adapted from the writing guide 300 Days of Better Writing, and much of the instruction on sentence structure is adapted from the writing guide Concise Guide to Technical and Academic Writing, both by David Bowman. If you are looking for more comprehensive help to improve your writing, get those books. If you want to focus on the two skills that will most improve your overall writing, get this book.)


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